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Dewi Marquis
Story Consultant

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Dewi Marquis is a Colorado-based film director and editor whose documentaries celebrate human resilience and the intimate, complicated journey to find meaning and growth in struggle. She began her career as a magazine editor, where she honed her storytelling skills for 13 years before turning to filmmaking full time in 2013. Having spent years observing a conservation movement that's disproportionately white, she founded and co-directed the award-winning National Park Experience film series, amplifying diverse cultural stories in films that appeared in national parks, film festivals, and on PBS and Amy is currently editing the feature doc REWILDING, about two white climbers and a young Black man from the Bronx facing trauma and fragility on a seven-week road trip across the U.S. She made the short magical realism documentary ARA, UNTAMED, about her 8-year-old daughter’s search for magic amidst the pandemic and racial reckoning in white suburbia. 

Dewi's work has been supported by generous individuals, foundations, nonprofit organizations, production companies, media outlets, and powerful outdoor industry brands such as REI, Osprey Packs, Pendleton, The North Face, La Sportiva, Marmot, MPowered, and GoalZero. Amy shoots and edits for clients and production companies such as The Discovery Channel and Fine Films. Her independent films have been supported by generous individuals, foundations, NGOs, media outlets, and brands like REI. She is a very proud member of Film Fatales and Brown Girls Doc Mafia.

Dewi performs a variety of roles in the medium: director, shooter, story producer, writer, story editor, story consultant, workshop coach, guest instructor, festival judge, and panelist, with guest appearances ranging from Costa Rica to Yale. 

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