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Featured Artist:

Terry Duffy


Artist Statement:

When the #metoo movement started happening it shifted a space inside me that cracked open the past. It made me want to confront my abusive ex-husband, but instead I wrote a letter to him and then burned it in the fire. That helped some. But with each story of another woman coming forward and people not believing her because she waited so long to tell her story, it made me want to tell why this happens so often. I held my story in for forty years. Most people never knew - even my family. It was time to band together as women and be compassionate enough to stand up for each other - for those of us who have hidden the shame of someone else’s inability to control themselves. It’s time to teach our children that Violence Is Not An Option! Women cannot be owned, abused, or disrespected. We will no longer tolerate that kind of stupidity. We all need to work on the feminine and the masculine inside of each and every one of us and learn to love ourselves so that we can be kind and compassionate to others.

The future is asking us to come forward.

Terry's Gallery

Terry Duffy's Bio:
My creativity has woven its way through all aspects of my life and formed who I am.
In 1976 I traveled from my home in Minneapolis to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I intended to spend a weekend but remained there for 20 years. It must have been the light. During that time my graphic design company, Glyphics, flourished. I worked with museums, music festivals and clients from all over the country. I developed brand identities, book layouts and cover designs, packaging concepts and promotional campaigns. Helping people find their creative voice had an unexpected benefit for me—it helped me find my own.
Graphic illustration and design provided me with the key to unlock my passion for painting. It was as if a vast reservoir of art and creativity poured into me. Painting has influenced every other form of design that I undertake.
This new series, Ancestor Soil came from the need to express how we are all one people on this planet. Our ancestors from what ever nationality, suffered to allow us to be where we are today. Learn from their wisdom. We rest on the shoulders of our collective ancestors.
I studied at the University of Minneapolis, the College of Art and Design and Antioch University in San Francisco and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Alternative Health. Art works I’ve created hang in public and private collections across the U.S. I reside in Santa Barbara, California with my husband and spin many palettes: family, graphic design, exhibit design, curation, fine art, hiking, yoga and cooking.

Visit Terry's Website Here

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